2020 Annual review (employee) - How are you ?

You and your team *

How did this year go for you?
How do you like the working atmosphere in your team?
Are you happy with your boss/team leader?
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Collaboration *

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How is the collaboration with the other three departments going? Is it adequate, pleasant, meaningful?
Are the administrative support functions (HR, office manager, finance) working well and providing you with what you need?
Do you have a good connection with the general management? Is it sufficiently accessible, open?
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Job *

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Does your work match your skills?
Are you challenge enough?
Does your job meet your expectations?
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Do you think Camptocamp is expanding in the right direction?

If you were the boss, what would be the first thing you would change?

What's your best memory of the year?

Is there any event that you particularly disliked?

Home Working: How did you / do you experience working at home? What were the most positive / negative elements? Do you plan to keep some of it at home in the long term?

What are your expectations for the next year?

Are there any areas you'd like to explore, dive into, things you'd like to try?

If you had to give your leave in the coming months, what would that be for?

What motivates you the most to stay?